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Chinese Gambling Superstitions and Taboos
Gambling may not be the very first thing that comes to mind when you think about China, however video games of opportunity have a long history in the world's most populous nation. Like many countries around the world, China's relationship with gambling has actually been a rocky one. Find more info on here love a flutter here.

Chinese gamblers have the tendency to keep their superstitious notions and taboos close to their hearts. The association of superstition and gambling has been extensive throughout the history of wagering, and China is no exception to this universal human need for luck. If you ever feel as though you need a little extra help at the casino, you might want to keep these superstitious notions in mind.

Don't Count Your Money
Kenny Rogers might have told a generation of movie-goers that there would be time for counting when the dealing was done, however the Chinese passed this suggestions down through the generations long prior to The Gambler.

Use Red
It's not coincidental that so much of the Chinese federal government's symbols are red in color. While red is the color of communism, it is likewise related to by the Chinese as a color of good fortune and party.

No Sex before Gambling

You've probably become aware of professional athletes avoiding sex prior to a huge contest, however the Chinese believe that abstaining before a session of gambling can be equally useful. This advice applies to both men and women.

Know Your Lucky Numbers
The Chinese believe in the power of numbers. Superstitions are plentiful in numerology, so bear in mind to incorporate the traditional fortunate numbers when choosing lottery picks, finding a hotel space, or choosing where to bet your live roulette chips. A few of the luckiest numbers include 8, 13, 198, and 798.

Feed the Baby Ghost
It might appear odd to feed sugar to a child ghost prior to settling in for a round of blackjack, but it might bring you good fortune. Ancient Chinese superstitious notion presumes the presence of a child ghost behind every gambling table, and the ghost might bring you luck if you feed it prior to you play.

Don't Win Right Away
Adherents to Chinese superstitious notion believe that a winning streak at the start of your session could turn sour by the end. While there might be no useful application for this superstitious notion, you can at least keep it in mind when the cards aren't going your way.